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Conserving Public IP Addresses Using Network Translation

This post explores the concepts of public and private IP addresses and networks, and how Network Address Translation (NAT) can be used to extend the available number of public IP addresses, both globally and locally. Each device connected in a computer network is...

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Case Study: Heidelberg University

In May 2019, Addrex contacted Hoa Nguyen, Vice President for Administration and Business Affairs at Heidelberg University in Tiffin, Ohio, to see if the University would be interested in selling an IPv4 block they had received in 1990 to generate additional...

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2020 IPv4 Market Analysis

2020 was a vibrant year for IPv4 market and registry updates. About 42 million numbers were transferred in 2020. An additional 47.5 million numbers were updated due to company mergers and acquisitions.The single largest transferred CIDR block this past year was a /9,...

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What is an RIR and do I need an account with one?

A Regional Internet Registry (RIR) is a non-profit organization whose main purposes are to manage, distribute, and register Internet number resources – including IPv4 and IPv6 number blocks and Autonomous System (AS) Numbers – within their respective regions. There...

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What’s the Difference Between IPv4 and IPv6 Addresses?

What is the difference between an IPv4 address and an IPv6 address? Let's start by defining what an IP address is. Each device or interface connected in a computer network is assigned a unique identifier to ensure it receives messages and information intended for it,...

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Overview of the IPv4 Transfers Market in 2020

With one more month of 2020 ahead of us, we have already witnessed a highly active IPv4 transfers market this year. According to the transfer logs (raw data) available from the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), over 40 million numbers have been transferred since...

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What is an IPv4 Number Block?

An IP number block is a group of IP numbers that have not yet been assigned to specific devices on a network; once assigned and in use, IP numbers technically become IP addresses, although many people refer to IP numbers and IP addresses interchangeably. In the...

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