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We simplify the acquisition of IP numbers for network operators

Addrex, Inc. is an IPv4 market industry pioneer that provides a global marketplace where holders of unused IPv4 number blocks can list their rights for sale and network operators can review and purchase them to fulfill their IP address needs.

Addrex does not buy and is not a reseller of IPv4 number blocks; we do not compete with our clients. Instead, we support the transfer of IP number block assets between a buyer and a seller via the Addrex Marketplace™ using a market-proven process.

We facilitate the efficient sale and transfer of IPv4 address block rights, /24 (Class C) and larger, with each of the Regional Internet Registries (RIRs) and help simplify the process for both buyers and sellers. We help ensure that IP asset sales are as safe and legal as possible.


We provide network operators with a global marketplace for exclusive IP number blocks to help enable growth of network service



We minimize the administrative burdens on your team to sell IP number blocks in the Marketplace 


We are industry experts that focus on delivering the most private and efficient platform for buying and selling IPv4 number block assets

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