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Addrex was founded in 2009 with the single goal of creating a global marketplace to enable the Internet to continue to grow unabated. Today, our market platform facilitates efficient execution of transactions, ensuring network operators access to unused IP address space in a timely and straightforward manner, while significantly reducing the complexity for all transaction participants. We are an established marketplace and thought leaders within the Internet numbering system. Our international transaction experience, both in value and volume is unmatched.

Peter Thimmesch


Peter is responsible for overseeing the strategic direction of the Marketplace, as well as the company's involvement in Internet governance forums.

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Charles Lee


Charles manages the company’s listing service with specific emphasis on holders of legacy number blocks.

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Philip Sbarbaro

Senior Counsel

Phil oversees legal matters for both the company and transactions in the Marketplace. His other passion is sabre fencing.

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William Sylvester

Senior Vice President, Transaction Services

Billy leads the transaction support team and provides assistance with registry issues. He would prefer to conduct business on top of a ski mountain, but for now he does it from our offices.

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Christopher Holbert

Vice President, Marketplace Services

Chris works with the existing Marketplace participants by assisting technical teams with developing communications for their finance and procurement groups.

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John Bono

Vice President, Listing Services

John manages the company’s outreach efforts to early recipients of IPv4 number blocks, who often are unaware of the rights and value of the number blocks registered in their company’s name.

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Batsuren Byambasuren

Director, Marketplace Services

Batsuren guides network operators through the Addrex Marketplace transaction process and provides in-depth research support for our team. She currently lives in Mongolia, which is simply an email away and an amazing place.

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Mark Mandolia

Director, Contract Administration

Mark is responsible for maintaining the company’s vast agreements with hundreds of network operators from around the world. In his spare time he is an amateur cartoonist.

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